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In the ink colored sky stars appear to be more luminous

Born in 1949 under the sign of Pisces in Sassari, Laila Pasini grew up in the classic  “accordium” family of the post war period. During the first years of her life her family relocated seven times, the most important of which took her from the Sardinia island to the mainland, in Polesine, where her family originally came from.

In spite of the instability of the changeable living arrangements, Laila has always benefited from the constant, firm, reassuring love of her family and her omnipresent grandmother with her fairytales, where reality and fantasy were inextricably entwined. When the King and the Queen used to leave for a long journey, that is to say when mom and dad used to leave the house for even a whole day, the teary princess was comforted by her grandmother: “They went looking for a wonderful necklace of raindrops: when they will find it, it will amazing to make it shine for a day on everybody’s neck, so that nobody will have to leave ever again and every day we will have a reason to celebrate or be celebrated”.

A chimera followed by land and by sea, in counties and cities, among stalls and stars; three generations of Pasini traveling to find their fortune, valiant like Rinaldo, beautiful like Angelica, crazy like Orlando, forever engaged in the adventure of pursuit: glory, love, possession… a necklace of raindrops.

Walking on and on again in 1984 Laila discovered gems and jewels and won some of the most beautiful and precious of them from the sagest of the Valenza’s goldsmiths and the most important tradeshows of the world, both close to home and beyond the oceans. And every time she came back she had been able to offer to her clients jewels like rainbows, sun’s fragments chiseled inside the gold, precious stones, diamonds set to create jewels so that dames and knights could wear them with pride and vanity.

The famous raindrops necklace, conquered and lost, bought and sold so many times that it is no longer a dream. But… the celebration? Where’s the celebration? What does it really means celebrate for each one of us? Is it the pursuit or the success? Is it the journey or the destination? Is it love or success? It perhaps depends on the ability to nourish cheerfulness and hope in the face of a half full bottle or to get discouraged in front of the same half empty bottle…

So one day the protagonist of this story discovered a modest window lightened up by a mysterious brightness, dark and shimmering at the same time, made of stones of few carats and many facets: BLACK DIAMONDS!

All her life she had pursued the “magnificent” enclosed in clear stones and now, thanks to a cut that would have been unthinkable in the past and it’s made possible by the continuous technical innovation, she discovered the eerie charm of brilliants like drops of red wine. Diamonds, might they by tiny or massive, to create jewels of different shapes: necklaces delicate like threads of shadow or rich enough to suit the taste of a sultan.

In Laila was now burning the spark that transformed her from pursuer to creator of a line of inedited, hand made jewels that do not have the pretense to please everybody: only who falls in love with them, leaving sex aside.

In comparison with traditional diamonds the accessibility of the price offers to the estimators of the MADE IN ITALY collection fantasy and versatility, inventions and customizations developed by the ability of gifted craftsmen: jewels that can be simple as well as rich, following the law of combination.

Just like a magpie, forever attracted by everything that is shiny, Laila knows she has stolen dazzles within everybody’s reach, destined to shimmer as only the most resistant of stones can, the most durable desire on the most delicate and precious fabric: the skin.